One of things we enjoy doing is travelling to local and regional churches and homes to lead worship and provide special music. The It has been a blessing to us to share our music - and other popular worship songs - with the special people we meet.

We have three different "configurations" of worship ministry available to churches: 1. special music during a morning service (1 or 2 songs), 2. leading morning worship (3 to 6 songs), or 3. a worship concert, which usually fits best in an evening service. If you are interested in any of these ministries to your church, please contact us through the "Write Us" button below.

Home concerts consist of a worship concert; again, contact us if you are interested in having us minister to you.

For You

As a gift to our supporters in Christmas 2002, we recorded one of Cathy's songs, "For You". Tom produced the song, and we were blessed to have the help of Dan Bongard on bass, Laura Layne Balassone on background vocals, and we borrowed Jimmy Fauntleroy's beautiful guitar.

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"For You" by Cathy Howie
copyright ©2002 Cathy Howie
All Rights Reserved
International Copyright Secured

We recorded an instrumental version of Cathy's song "Here Is My Heart" for the album FLY BY WIRE - THREADS II. This disc was an internet project with a very limited distribution through Direct, the Vangelis listserve. Visit the "Here Is My Heart" page below for more info about this project, our song, and to hear a RealAudio file of the entire song.



Our MusicWe both have been involved in music since childhood. Cathy played guitar in school and in her 4-H group. Her composing began quite early, when she decided to put her feelings about her home down on the strings. As she progressed to piano, her writing style matured and she was led by God to write worship songs. These are quite remarkable, and our ultimate goal is to make them available to you through recordings. (Cathy's music is covered by CCLI. If you would like information on using these songs in your church, please contact us or CCLI). If you would like to hear more of Cathy's music, plus news of upcoming projects and concerts, please hop on over to www.cathyhowie.com.

Tomás has been drumming since 7, when he turned his Tinker-Toy cans into a high-tech rhythm machine. Born to a musical family, Tomás and his twin brother Tim were influenced by their father, Vince, who had a successful dance band. After a five-year hiatus to get a filmmaking degree, he began an intensive self-education. This led to many gigs over the intervening years, covering diverse styles: classic rock, basic blues, original alternative rock, country, top-forty rock, alternative covers and originals, and most recently progressive rock.

This is the fulfillment of a long-standing dream to be involved in Christian music as performing professionals. To keep current with our work, hop on over to our blog!

We are beginning production of an album of Cathy's Worship music. This album will be available through this website when it is completed. Please stay tuned for details....

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