All staff members of Campus Crusade for Christ are responsible for developing the necessary financial support for our personal involvement in the ministry. This is accomplished by contacting individuals and churches, presenting the vision for our ministry and how God has led us to serve Him in Crusade, and asking folks to pray and see if The lord would have them involved in our ministry as financial and prayer supporters. By bringing in Partners who share our vision, we give them the opportunity to contribute in a tangible way in our ministry. They are co-workers with us in fulfilling the Great Commission.

If you are interested in becomming a Partner in our ministry, we encourage you to click on "How To become A Partner" below. If you would like more information on our vision and calling testimony, click on "Vision". Partners and non-Partners are encouraged to click on "Progress" - a report on our Ministry Partner development progress.

We look forward to hearing from you!




Important Partner Contact Information

The following contact information will give you a direct line to many Partner services at CCC. If you don't see something here, let un know and we will include it!

Campus Crusade Headquarters:
Orlando, FL: 407-826-2000

Keynote Headquarters:
Westfield, IN: 317-867-0400

Questions about your account:
(have your Partner Number ready)
Donor Research: 888-337-0327, x4

Questions about Electronic Funds:
Automatic Withdrawls: 888-337-0327, x2

Online Donations Management:

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