Music is a powerful force. It is a gift from God, and was intended to be a way we worship Him and draw others to Him. As with most of God's earthly creation, man has found a way to turn music to selfish and sinful purposes.

Music is an important part of our lives. God has given us a wonderful gift. The power of this gift was brought home to me one night as Tomas was playing in a secular band. He struck up a conversation with one of the regular followers of this band during a break, and found out she was a Christian who had slid back into the world. Music was one of the forces which held her from God. She felt God had abandoned her. Despite Tomas' words of encouragement, she could not believe God would want her back. After the break he realised that the music he was playing had more power over her than his words.

This was the start of a period of searching: looking for a way to use our music for God. In our church we have ministered to our congregation through worship, and through the songs God has given Cathy. We have seen God move in a mighty way.

Yet, we were convinced that our ministry to our local church was just the start of a broader ministry God had for us. We continued to pray.

Through a FamilyLife conference God led us to Keynote in 1997. He made it clear that it was now time to begin our full-time ministry. He has opened all the right doors, and we are now on our journey as full-time Christian workers, set apart for God.

God has commissioned us through Campus Crusade for Christ to minister to others through music. It is our prayer that He use our music to draw others to Him, and to turn the hearts of His people back to Heaven.


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